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Desc:Chick 'interviews' douche nozzle. You can't make it through this video.
Category:Business, Crime
Tags:douchebag, douche, Top-notch tits, Wall street, douche nozzle
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Comment count is 32
Pixel McStencilbuffer
I muted this 5 seconds in and just stared at those breasts for two minutes and seven seconds. Five stars!

P.S. needs the "top-notch tits" tag
Nope, even that didn't work. She looks like she's been embalmed.

Robin Kestrel
Pro-tip: you can arrange a couple other windows to cover douchenozzle and waxface. This plus mute and you can get through the whole video. That's cheating, though.

Jet Bin Fever
And I did. And I am glad I did so.

And if you pay close attention to the pre-load image, so did he. But really, how could you not?

I watched the whole thing. This guy is going to fail.

Jet Bin Fever
Vy, sank you doktor.

John Holmes Motherfucker
This is what America is all about. Fucking idiots.
a flaming monkey
I'd like to know when this program was made. That may be a vital clue as to the overwhelming shittiness.

i know the magpul dynamics/cold steel videos of the world are meant to be a means of preparing oneself for a theoretical back alley confrontation that will probably never happen, but i adopt an inverted reading wherein carrying a giant fucking knife (knives will fucking cut your wall street douchebag right open) or a concealed handgun (THREAT) is a means to dispense justice and dispose of human waste.

if you were guaranteed to get away with it, would anyone here not pull the trigger or hurl the greatsword?
you should tie a pair of ipod headphones around a knife concealed in your pocket, that helps in all sort of situations

Hey, douche nozzle! Just hangin' out...

ohhhh im reassigning my five to you, urban elf, i miss 21 foot rule guy

Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh my GOD. He looks EXACTLY like the human version of the 80s businessman that takes over Planet Express in that one Futurama episode.
Gutsy comment. You're a shark. Sharks are winners, and they don't look back because they have no necks. Necks are for sheep.

Don't you worry about PoeTV. Let ME worry about tits.

Have these stars, my Masters!

"Which is the one people like to hug?"

Also, this guy shouldn't talk with so much gum in his mouth.

Shanghai Tippytap
The entire channel seems to be airport bar waitresses announcing dubious stock picks, like some kind of web 2.0 pump 'n dump scheme.
Adham Nu'man
Nothing screams success like a tiny corner desk.
The Loneliest Office Clerk: A Cautionary Tale

Frank Rizzo
whatever happened to horatio sanz?
from their website:
"CorporateProfile.com is a broadcasting website where Fashion meets Finance. Merging two mainstream industries results in an unique platform for investors to receive today’s hottest tips and market info delivered through a less traditional, more attractive and entertaining vehicle – enter our ‘Financial Models."

evil. so, so, evil.
Douchebag level over 9000!
Usually being a douche is par for this course...but he totally blows it out of the water...like everything he does in life bro!
Made it through. I hate the guy with every fiber of my being and the girl isn't my type anyway. So this is completely horrible. Therefore: Five stars!
Not the worst wrestling promo I've seen, but definitely among the worst.
Oh, look, it's the reason I hate New York and everything from there.
I would love to see 21 foot guy take on douche nozzle.
Testicles of Doom
Capital knockers, madam!
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