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Desc:I'd like to see what it would have looked like if it was milling as it played.
Category:Science & Technology, Classic TV Clips
Tags:macgyver, technology, diy instruments, the future is truly here
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 16
That's a pretty decent rendition for a milling machine.
Caminante Nocturno
I love hearing music come out of things that weren't made to produce music.
I can play a pretty jaunty tune from my ass hole.

me too except for katy perry

This sounds better than floppy drives, dot matrix printers and tesla coils COMBINED.

I like to imagine that the machine is all by itself in a warehouse and is just singing to itself.

I am rather happy that this exists.
"fruits of non-productive time" tag please
When it tires of entertaining you it will twist your balls off.
Jet Bin Fever
Perfect likeness. This took someone way too long but now we all benefit from their efforts.
MacGyver Style Bomb
...stop looking at me.
the music that will spark Judgement Day
I've made this even better by imagining that the machine isn't running a pre-programmed sequence, but that it's being played in real time, and off camera there is some guy frantically turning knobs and flipping switches.
Honestly, that wasn't that bad. I could zone out for an hour listening to this and other milling machine renditions before I fall asleep.
I really really love whatever the sound of the bass line is.
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