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Category:Video Games
Tags:snes, Ogre Battle
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Nostalgia stars. I loved this game.
Apparently it's actually kind of affordable now, I met someone recently who found it on Amazon for under $60, which is about $200 less than it cost new.

Johnny Madhouse
You may also play it on an emulator for free!

The Wii Virtual Console has this and Ogre Battle 64 up for download. Combined that made up about 90% of my decision to finally get a Wii.

Emulators also let you fast forward. Just putting that out there, because playing this game on normal mode would drive me fucking nuts, as slow as it is.

Their currency is goth?
I can't think of a better use for them, can you?

And starting at 1:06, why do they play a rip-off of that wretched Ewok song from "Return of the Jedi?"

Caminante Nocturno
I think I still have my PS1 copy of this game.
I could never make sense of this game. Seemed like the only way to win was to choose the "weak" battle command and form a static trench warfare front until you wore the other guy down and then get the bad endings.

Going for a good ending by blitzing with the "strong" handicap required buying a hint book to find all the hidden shit.
When I played Ogrebattle 64 I had no idea that the alignments had any affect on anything and thus got the shittiest ending. It didn't help that when they gave me a decision to make I always made the bad one (fuck the revolution!) because I'm a bad person, but giving towns alignments still seems arbitrary and dumb.

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