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Desc:Woman is so blessed that she gets that lovin' feelin'
Category:Religious, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:orgasm, Christian, hottt
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pua attempt 12-3-2010
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Dread Pirate Roberts
Probably has a really curious dog under the table. Dirty Christians.
Wow. I almost fell for the lies in this video, but the top youtube comments set me back onto the narrow path to Jesus.
1 year ago 5

a nice little demon possession she's got going on there (which she invited).

Unfortunately no where in the bible does it say we are to seeks anointings or all these angels.

This is the most disturbing...

"to use violence & to burst open" "to spread & distribute"

No, thats not like the gospel of Jesus Christ. We not called to violence nor is Jesus a product which is to be distributed.

Test everything against God's word.
Goddamn. I didn't even realize that their are conflicting thoughts on the subject of "being filled with the Holy Spirit".

Rum Revenge
If you can imagine it, religious people are disputing it as determinedly (on both sides) like it's a life-or-death situation.

I would not anoint her breaker. sorry.
Oscar Wildcat
5 stars for capturing that exact moment the oxycontin and coffee kicked in... sweet baby jesus.
My breaker anointing is showing returns of about 26% per year, and I'm wondering how I can apply that to maximise my mortgage or apply for a better rate on repayment.

Her limit breaker anointing is the worst faked orgasm ever.
That angel broke me :(
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