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Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Doctor Who, tardis, amy pond, records of previous trollops
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Always 5
I want to say that I am favoriting this only because I know lots of people who will demand to see it once they learn it exists.

I swear.

The creepy virginal aspect of this Doctor is slightly more interesting than the creepy bisexual cad aspect of the last one.
at least this doctor doesnt look as greasy. i might have a crush on him, but i wouldnt let him sit on anything that could stain.

She is into the Doctor. He should give his virginity to her. He might even turn her into a Sweetheart from the Ground Up.

The best Dr. Who companion was Romana I.
I only watched maybe one or two episodes of the 5th season and stopped torrenting them for some reason, so I'm glad to watch the DVDs, but I love this scene since it's, in a way, a big fuck you to RTD/fanfic moron crowd and how they basically turned the Tennant Doctor in to a gigantic baby who just wants TWUE WUV
Even spiting the awful fans won't make me like Dr. Who.

Yeah, I watched a few eps on youtube and decided to just stop torturing myself and wait for the DVDs. I really only started watching the new series properly with the latest doctor, and it seems a lot more even than what I saw of Tennant/Eccleston - I watched about 6 or 7 eps and I have never seen a series that varied so wildly in quality, from awesome to total squirming-in-my-seat-with-embarrassment crap. Still, I will never forgive Steven Moffat for the star whale wanting to stop the tears of children.

Moffat owns RTD any day of the week.

Syd Midnight
Mancakes, you don't really hate Dr Who either. You can't truly hate on Dr Who until you've become a fan.

Speaking as someone who ended up pretty much having to watch Doctor Who from infancy because Mom was a drooling, smitten fan -- yes, yes it is. And a sorely-needed HA-HAH! it is too. It's a cheesy show about some weird guy/alien guy who shows up and takes random people on weird adventures throughout space and time, isn't that enough?

I guess I enjoy the show, in a nostalgic sort of way, but fuuu-uuuuck, are Who fans annoying people. And that applies to Mom too.

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