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Desc:Ninja kicks and karate chops galor
Category:Stunts, Humor
Tags:metal, Hardcore, Wild Steve, brown underwear, moshpit
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A boot to your forehead
A knee in your face
Your nose and lips
Start to bleed
Like a wild Indian
From outer space
Drunk and
High on weed
Modern Angel
Fuck yes DRI forever

I got to see DRI in Greenfield, MA during a reunion tour a couple of years back. It was at a skate park when dipshit hardcore moshing was big in style and they had all those cute little matching shirts like they were in a bowling club or something. They certainly acted like they were the shit for the first couple of bands, doing ninjoid dancy maneuvers.

DRI comes on characteristically not giving a fuck about their mostly Millenial Generation audience. The bassist I swear was a wax mannequin they rolled in cowboy stance with a cigarette dangling off his lip the entire show. They start playing and two gay ripped as hell cowboys that had been nuzzling during the beefy slappy macho man fest earlier flung into the crowd and decimated anybody doing spin kicks or whatever the fuck it is Wild Steve is doing here. In short order they had utterly destroyed anything moving and cleared the floor for people to actually enjoy DRI with some circle pitting and the rest of the good ole stuff that used to be before you could expect somebody's foot in your face because they were doing Pit Tae Bo.

Thank you gay cowboys and DRI!

nice tits
Keeps dancing in silence.
movie 1
I wonder if he actually moshes like this with other people. How long do they tolerate him? Johnny Boston, here are a whole new set of poll questions.
His other videos are leading me to believe that he is a Chris Chan for the rest of us.
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