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Desc:This is probably the most responsible use of a shotgun pistol
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:guns, schadenfreude, execution, reservoir dogs, wtf america
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Comment count is 10
This is the only thing the Taurus Judge is useful for.

Once, when I was at a shooting range I overheard a massively overweight guy who was apparently Canadian talking to another shooter.

"They have this new gun in America called The Judge. You can do anything with it - it's a shotgun pistol. You can shoot birds with bird shot, you can take small game with buck shot, and you can take deer with slugs. If you want serious sniper-grade accuracy, you can shoot .45 Colt out of it, and because it's got a rifled barrel, your shots will go true. If you only buy one gun, make it a Judge. But they won't sell it back in Canada because it's too dangerous." Oh and the US Armed Forces were seriously considering adding the Judge to their arsenal. The thing's a novelty item being marketed as a SHOTGUN that's also a PISTOL to the gullible.

I mean, it's not the dumbest thing I've heard at a range or gun store or what have you, usually said by some dimwit wannabe pistolero, like the shaggy haired emo/hippie hybrid looking guy who told his vacant eyed girlfriend (while looking over a Colt .45 pistol) that the US Army invented said pistol during the Vietnam War because the Viet Cong were all wacked out on drugs and only a .45 could put them down.

But it's pretty close.
5 because I heard the same story from the same variety of person, only at Walmart.

I am exactly the kind of sucker who would go in for this - my eyes bulged out when I saw 'shotgun pistol' in the description, and I don't give a shit about guns.

Dr Dim
The story's more or less true, if you swap Vietnam for the Philippines.

Sanest Man Alive
I dunno, I'm pretty sure he could've fit a grenade launcher under the barrel, or at least a bayonet.

it does seem kinda stupid/novel. ive never fired one and have only recently gotten into shooting but it can't be that much fun to shoot alternating .410 shells and .45 rounds out of a weirdly shaped revolver from a brand with a questionable record.

That'll teach them damned plushies to lie in bed with our women folk.
The gun seems to just be erasing the toy's head, slice by slice.
Nyms Lives!
A scene from the upcoming "Toy Story 5 - Toyz in Da Hood" where Scruffy the Dog learns the price of snitchin.

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