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Desc:Girl does funny impression of guy asking her out.
Tags:Italian, date, Ginger, Impression
Submitted:Dr Dim
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Comment count is 28
And they've been married for three years now.
She must go to school in Jersey.

East New York. This is so perfect I can't really deal.

and by that I mean like Rockaway east not actually East New York, the neighborhood.

Hay Belly
I've lived in NJ almost my whole life I've never met anyone that talks like this.

Guy likes the curvy brainy broads, what's the problem?


It's dramatized a little bit but there are some things that are really accurate, like the way that the guy compliments a woman but doesn't want to seem too effeminate, so it just ends up something like "And your skin, you got nice skin. What? Come on." I've heard shit like this by gold chain wearers. Every girl with any working class roots in Brooklyn can identify with this woman.

La Loco
I've gotten used to working with people who sound like this. It's for real.

Can it be an impression if I'm not impressed?
This is hilarious what's wrong with you people.
I'm not from Brooklyn, but sometimes I have panicked and done this.
"I like a nice skin"

so did buffalo bill bro

lesbians often have great impressions of dudes who hit on them, this was okay
Grandmaster Funk
Don't forget to check out her "great impression" of an obnoxious black woman, too!

Taking notes.
Describing the contents and actions within an Italian restaurant.
American Standard
A better punch line would have been: "And that's how I met my husband."
5 for the impression, another 5 for gingers.
I like tits.
White Trash Party
I would have gone on the date just to hear him talk like that all night.
Is it weird that I really want to fuck her now?
goethe re scape
sounds like she was hit on by Calamity Jane
Why is her impression voice so much more pleasant than her real voice?
This guy asked me out, too. His name is Dom. He's very persistent.

It's a joke, Scynne. I was pursued by a gentlemen from Long Island by the name of Dom for a period of about four months. His speech pattern was very similar to this and was convinced that my answers of "No," were simply my feminine wiles leading me to play hard-to-get.

Rape Van Winkle
A fake story that left me hanging and didn't make me laugh once.

And her eyes at the end. Needs "psycho" tag.

Fuck this noise, mang.
the fuck does she even say at the end??
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