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Desc:'Nature plays its course.'
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:worms, Clash of the Titans, leech, giant earth worm
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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I yam what I yam
Comment count is 11
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2010-12-14

notascientist - 2010-12-14
I like how this guy doesn't really sell it. He just tells it just as it is.
Robin Kestrel - 2010-12-15
Yeah, I definitely liked the narrator.

Squeamish - 2010-12-14
Lovecraft was right.
augias - 2010-12-14
When I saw the eyes... : 3
memedumpster - 2010-12-14
Anaxagoras - 2010-12-15
"Little help? Mind taking this leech off me, dude? Oh thank God. No! No! Don't just move us to the side of the road. You bastard."
Oktay - 2010-12-15
Sorry. Prime directive. (Except when it comes to cars.)

Gwago - 2010-12-15
Adramelech - 2010-12-15
This is what happens in the hollow Earth, except they are both 600 feet long.
Uulanbaatorbaby - 2010-12-15
U is for UBB, the father of worms,
A burrower extraordinaire who,
Breathes sulfides among his anatomical traits,
And assisted Xanthu in the destruction of mu.
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