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Desc:Back when Walt actually held a pencil. (Count the butt gags.)
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:Walt Disney, interspecies love, Better Disney, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
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Ew Ahahahah
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Daddy Warcrimes
It's worth 5 for the preload image alone.
Spit Spingola
I doubt Walt drew anything in this cartoon. It was probably mostly done by Ub Iwerks. Walt was a great producer but a pretty bad animator. I think he stopped animating long before Oswald, probably during the Alice cartoons. But this is a good one.
Have you ever been to the "Walt Disney Experience" at Disneyland? They have his office dismantled and relocated into the lobby of "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln". It's like an Egyptian tomb behind glass.

The first thing you notice is the large ashtray on every table, and then the second thing you notice is a lack of any drawing tools whatsoever.

Had to Google Oswald. Yes, the furries didn't even leave him undefiled.
Better than Tim and Eric.
Just add some random vomiting and replace the ending with a loud, grating noise and it would be perfect.
Things sure were different in the old days. Walt Disney personally rips off Felix The Cat and gets away with it. Maybe it's a good thing Oswald became Bugs Bunny. That I got to see this cartoon makes me feel happy.
Ooooooh... animation nerd trolling.

Spit Spingola
I am so restraining myself from rambling on about Tex Avery's work on Oswald after Disney got fired and replaced by Walter Lantz. AND BY THE WAY THE LANTZ OSWALDS ARE IN MANY CASES SUPERIOR TO THE DISNEY OSWALDS BLA BLA BLA BLAAAA

5'd for Oswald's courtship involving exposing himself.
MacGyver Style Bomb
So... you think there was a sizable number of people back then who would of used this as wank fodder?
Man, even the first 30 seconds are nothing but ass.
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