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Desc:He deleted all his videos. This is amazing, with the exception of the annoying audio interjections.
Category:Nature & Places, Video Games
Tags:sex, facts of life, InvisibleCrane
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Comment count is 14
Oh god it's full of stars.
Holy shit thank you.
Why would you ever speak if you sounded like that?
So, he pulled a Chris Chan? He's going to "quit" the internet?
Oh, and here's a bonus follow-up post to absorb the blood from the dead fetus. You're welcome.
Oooooh wow.
Okay, I give up, how did they make this?

Where's teasedvagina?

Okay this is edited soundbites from his videos, right? Not a real interview, right? He can't be THIS retarded, right?
I want to believe it's not edited at all.
"Hey, IC, can we just... can we just troll you? For like, 8 minutes, ask you about sexual crap and openly laugh at your answers?"
"Um, s-sure, I guess..."

Dr Dim
Maybe it's edited a bit but the guy is completely ignorant of everything that happens between a woman's collarbone and her knees. There is no context where "female semen" is a reasonable answer to a question.

4:50 yes. i agree.
I'm pretty certain he only got that French Kiss question right because he watched Kemonozume.
I feel bad that he lets himself be taken advantage of, but I am conflicted because I enjoy listening to his stupid answers.
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