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Category:Fashion, Crime
Tags:why the terrorists hate us, blue collar, I believe the children are our future
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Helena Handbasket
Lozeau you lame-oid put a description up there. Because this horror deserves a warning.

Really do. This is pressing the boundary even for this site.

I'm like: fuck you, and fuck her too.
White Trash Party
My youngest sister talks like this on purpose as well.

Five stars for the fairy wings and the bow thing on her head. Also here is her site. http://www.ceciliacassini.com/store/ it's about what you would expect.
I see the site, I despair.

Caminante Nocturno
Why does she have so many Godiva chocolate wrappers stuck to her head?
Oh, hey, it's the wrapping from one of my Christmas presents. The wrapping I gave to the dog to play with. I guess when he was done he stuck it on this girl's head.
She was bred from birth to be poetv material.

i've never wanted to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING CUNT at a 3rd grader before. wow.
I suspected going in that this would fill me with an overwhelming urge for murder.

I was not wrong.
made it 18 seconds.
How about having to stand in front of this shit with a microphone, actiing like what she says is interesting and intelligent? What did the interviewer do to deserve this?

It's nice to know that there are children growing up now who will get to inspire an entirely new generation of terrorists to hate us.
It's almost like some Tim and Eric shit, only it's not.
It's exactly like Wonder Showzen.

That certainly was an INTERVIEW.
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