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Desc:Genetic disorder causes fatal insomnia. Fatal. Insomnia.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:disease, insomnia, Genetics, neuroscience
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Comment count is 13
Needs an "all part of God's great plan" tag
Yeah, this is going into my personal top five of worst ways to die.
Insomnia sucks in general when you get to the point of panic attacks and I'm sure thinking you can die from it wouldn't help. I can't imagine being awake for months at a time but it's pretty terrifying knowing there are people who die from it.

I've gotten to the hallucinatory stage, personally. The pictures on the wall started moving like a Harry Potter painting.

I stayed up for 70 hours once (I can't sleep sitting up, and I was on a long bus/rail trip), and in the last hour before I got home I was actually seeing people walking around in the empty train with me.

Highway signs getting up on their legs and wobbling as if they were trying to dance on anesthetized legs.

I remember back in 1998 or so when I used to post on the World Wide Warez Board, there was a thread where two or three different posters claimed to have chronic insomnia and have been awake for 8+ months. It was one of my first experiences of Internet drama.
I'm willing to bet they were probably lying. I doubt any of these people could keep up a drama-fest after eight months.

Oh, I was 100% sure they were lying and I'm even more sure now.

Robert DeNegro
This sooooo creeped me out. Five stars for the creeps.
Makes my (annoying but probably harmless) insomnia seem not so bad now.

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