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Desc:The War On Christmas continues as Christian militamen double tap Santa.
Tags:santa, War on Christmas, Repent Amarillo, Dont Coexist
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Timothy A. Bear
After the execution, always the sales pitch.
Amarillo seems like such a miserable place every time I driven through (stopping only for Cadillac Ranch). Low salaries, serious brain drain, an active KKK chapter, the pervasive stench of 2 million head of cattle on feedlots.
I think it holds the distinction of being the largest city in America without a bookstore of any kind.

Correction, it was Laredo.

Which has the most successful hockey team on the Rio Grande (?), and a drug war blocks away, for entertainment.

Amarillo seems to have one college bookstore, one used, and a number of Hastings music/video (books?) shops which are outnumbered by avowedly Christian/family-friendly repositories of wisdom.

I drove through it once. I couldn't understand why, with all that space out in the middle of nowhere, it looked like they were trying to build everything as close to the interstate as possible. Maybe it's because exhaust smells better than the cows.

Dread Pirate Roberts
Filmed on Location

[Enter Location Here]
Adham Nu'man
Xmas is about Jesus Christ... and guns.
The giant crayons are disgustingly appropriate.
So is Bill O'Rilley a member of this group, or just on their Christmas Card list?
You can tell by how he says "commercialism" that he doesn't mind it the rest of the year.
That said, Christmas WAS opposed by early religious European Americans (in particular Puritans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Quakers), outlawed in Massachusetts, and wasn't recognized as a holiday by any of the states in the 18th century.

They had a point: Easter far outscales it in theological import. Stories of executed criminals coming to life are naturally more interesting than those about absent fathers.
The scroll with the giant Crayons held by a man in a Don't Coexist pullover hoodie reading to a pinata really told the viewer everything about this video and set the mood for the cartoonish antics and childish message to come.

This is also the first time I've been uneasy knowing there are Christians with guns starting militias to eventually fight non-Christians who clearly have the temper and logic of spoiled children.
"You are guilty of being a stumbling block."


So wait, because he calls attention to economic disparity via poor, white, god-fearing men not being able to afford Christmas presents for their kids due to the massive wealth inequality that is global capitalism, he deserves execution?

Way to shoot the non-existent messenger. Oh wait, that's what happened to Jesus except with nails.
Meaning basically: I have difficulty articulating the economic realities of our poor, downtrodden, Southern existence to my children while at the same time feeding them fictions about Christian American superiority so I must therefore shoot you.

"... and now, the coop duh grace."
another event in the ongoing Carnival Of Opinion
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