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Desc:Tell me again about your immune system.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:mass effect 2, vidja games
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Comment count is 10
Garrus is the best.
gets a star for reminding me that shes one of the romance options and the awkward cut scene that that entails
Calling a female a "romance option" is the nerdiest thing I've heard this week.

Calling a chick a "female" is the nerdiest thing I've heard this year.

Thats the technical videogame term, surprised you didn't know that. I'm just wondering why you consider this collection of pixels a "female" or "chick."

I think I'm the only human being on the inter-webs who thought that a slow moving elevator with dialogue was sooo much more interesting then a load screen.
I dunno, they were OK, along with the news stories but I had hoped in ME2 they do something like mini slap fight games or even rock/paper/scissors minigames.

Maybe I'll play these games someday. Are they shorter than Dragon Age?
They're certainly more lively. And I would say shorter, yes.

I'd really recommend playing the first game first. The second is a lot more impressive when you see how many decisions you made actually do transfer over. Anyway, if you're OCD like me and just have to turn over every rock, then complete every task you find by doing so, ME1 lasts around 40-50 hours, and 2 clocks in around 30.

Either way, I'd put them both above dragon age. I could never get into the combat in that one.

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