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Desc:Zero-G kitties.
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:gravity, weightless, CATegory, zero-g
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Comment count is 27
La Loco
Can I has Zero-G cat?
Oscar Wildcat
Excellent; now I have something to point to besides Tang as a tangible benefit of our space program.
Hey Nazis, stop being mean to cats!
Tom Collins
Messing with cats, one million dollars at a time.
The Mothership
Your tax dollars at work.
Hey, now, animal science studies are useful. And hilarious.

Now bring Maru to space.
I'll second that

Poor, hilarious kitties.
"just give me the cats and fly a parabola, we'll think of a way to justify the grant money later"
Innocent Bystander
Fuck, dude, I think the 'nip is starting to kick in...
La Loco
I'm la loco and I approve this comment.

Money well spent.
And THAT'S how we defeated Communism.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Kitty cosmonauts were just as adorable in their little babushka hats.

Ceiling cat has become basement cat! Everything you know is wrong!
These were the first Kilrathi.
See also Mary Roach's book: Packing for Mars. Five stars for anything space related.
Now imagine a zero-G cat with tape on its back...
Should be expanded to a full-length feature film!
Mister Yuck
That's the best cat video.
Menudo con queso
Hoping there is a god and a devil, and they're taking turns punting that Air Force guy into ceiling rails for all eternity.
I punted a cat after I read this.

This why I even own a cat. So I can do this to him some day. It'll be awesome.
don't cats also empty their bladders when falling from great heights? where's that clip?
This video is not nearly long enough.
Just strap a magnet to its back and you got yourself a cat dynamo.
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