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Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:90s, AvP, atari jaguar, honor is yours
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The Mothership
Not quite the best AVP game, but pretty rewarding nonetheless.
This game was fucking hard. I don't think I even got past the first few levels.
Jet Bin Fever
shhhh, you're ruining the realism!

Jet Bin Fever
whoops meant to respond to fluffy.

Was this on an emulator or did the real hardware actually show it with that shitty not-quite-transparency around every sprite?
This was the main selling point of owning a Jaguar. Other than Tempest 2000.
I still want a Jaguar just for Tempest 2000 and the CD visualizer. A few years ago I bought Tempest X3 for the Playstation since Jeff Minter said it's the closest thing you can get to Tempest 2000 on any non-Jaguar system, but it's pretty horrible.

I still have my Jag and Tempest 2000. I *used* to have the JagCD, along with all the "best" games (Iron Soldier 2, AvP, NBA Jam). Wish I would have kept the CD thing, the visualization thing would be pretty retro right now.

I can't believe I could even play games like this.
When I was younger, and all these "next gen" systems had just been released for the xmas season, a young child such as myself had the pick of the litter. The SNES was available, as well as newer things on offer, such as the CDi and the upcoming, but largely unavailable, Playstation. My Christmas list instructions were "A game console, anything but a Jaguar."
Jet Bin Fever
Now show the end to Rise of the Triad.
moral sex
This game was impossible to play because the hallways all looked _exactly_ the same. I don't think there was a map feature, either.
Not surprising, but the recent AvP game was pretty much the same thing, but actually kinda worse.
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