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Desc:Why a ventrilo harassment video now? Thats classified.
Tags:Top Gun, ventrilo harassment, sir, ventertainment, classified
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Comment count is 16
Caminante Nocturno
Was the part at 1:12 supposed to be threatening or authoritative?
It's all about 1:40.

Also, it's funnier than it should be to me because these girls sound like they're way too used to getting their way.
Modern Angel
Low functioning nerd women are way worse than low functioning nerd men.

Not as good as the classic first wave ones but this one was a solid attempt that had me laughing.
Hay Belly
How are they worse when according to you it's the responses they get that make them act that way? They aren't operating in a vacuum.

They have 'ginas so they hold mystical power. Don't you know anything about girls?

MacGyver Style Bomb
Masters of their own little worlds.
not getting it until 3:25 jesus christ

what no "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"??
These girls are used to having nerds flirt with them, are unhappy when it doesn't happen.
That's basically what I was trying to say in my comment. MMO girl nerds are the worst. They become so used to the treatment they get from desperate basement dwellers that they start to expect it in real life.

Also gotta love when they go get a guy, and he tries to go all alpha male on the intruder. You can't go alpha male on fucking Maverick!

You can't make an emasculating speech in the DANGAH ZOOOOONE

chaaaad chad chad chad cha-ch-chad

Billy the Poet
Wow, nice return to form.
I like to think he was playing it cool for a while so people would forget who he is.
Jet Bin Fever
Nice timing for "Playing With the Boys"
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