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Desc:Bonus strange video question.
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Australia, Julia Gillard, wikileaks, Julian Assange, Bacha Bazi
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Comment count is 9
Corpus Delectable - 2011-03-18
I actually don't mind evil, as long as it stays purely evil. Five stars for the absolutely overpowering mixture of pure evil and principled righteousness evidenced by Ms. Gillard, made all the unholier by her I-can't-tell-if-it's-sexy-or-not velvety 'Stralian accent.

I feel dirty.
Callamon - 2011-03-18
Oh it's sexy. PMILF.
Konversekid - 2011-03-18
Following up transnational crimes...
Following up transnational crimes...
Following up transnational crimes...
Robin Kestrel - 2011-03-18
Bitch KNOWS she's lying when she says that Assange just indiscriminately released all the docs, willy-nilly. Wikileaks released something like 1% of them, working with other journalists at the Guardian, the New York Times and der Spiegel.* And shitload of what's came out was clearly mis-classified purely to cover-up criminal / ethically wrong actions, which is itself a crime.

* Wikileaks even started redacting the names of Iraqi civilians after being criticized for potentially endangering them.
baleen - 2011-03-18
I feel so much more comfortable knowing that a completely random guy has such overwhelming power over human life in the name of free speech.

SolRo - 2011-03-19
It's way better when only governments have overwhelming power over human life in the same of national defense/pride/profit.

Now fuck off and go to sleep grandpa!

The Faghorn - 2011-03-19
It was so irresponsible of Assange to release all of those True Names so that any capable necromancer with a homunculus could end their lives.

Baleen u dumb

Robin Kestrel - 2011-03-19
Not in the name of free speech, you dunce, it's called journalism. It's what would have prevented the USA from becoming a plutocracy (now devolving into a kleptocracy) if we hadn't ceded nearly all major media to corporate interests.
Robin Kestrel - 2011-03-19
^ meant to be a reply to the troll

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