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Desc:These guys are still around....
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:white people, conservatives, GOP, young cons
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Comment count is 11
StanleyPain - 2011-04-07
I fucked up the link so this originally went into the hopper, so please vote it down there.
StanleyPain - 2011-04-08
By the way, all you SUPAR ANGRY conservatives out there, Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House. Maybe when you weren't masturbating to slow motion footage of Sarah Palin saying stupid things about bread and zoo animals you may have heard about a little election that happened not long ago.

IrishWhiskey - 2011-04-07
"Taxing if I try to think"

Ah. So much is explained.
kingarthur - 2011-04-07
I want to organize a cull. Who's on board?
charmlessman - 2011-04-07
Does anyone else smell vinegar?
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-04-07
They made this video but have never spoken to a black person.
Horsecock Johnson, M.D. - 2011-04-07
appropriate they stole the beat from "Beamer Benz or Bentley" for this, really...

Riskbreaker - 2011-04-07
These guys are the embodiment of the term "doing it wrong"
Macho Nacho - 2011-04-07
Needs more pop-culture references.
themilkshark - 2011-04-08
They forgot Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, the Wii, Avatar, Avatar the Last Airbender, Aah! Real Monsters, Pac Man, the Ultimate Warrior, and Rebecca Black.

themilkshark - 2011-04-08
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