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Desc:Creepy canadian kids show hosted by a bearded fatty who starts the show by threatening children
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:canada, Zig Zag, filthy enough to be spectacular
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Comment count is 14
One of the better preview frames.
Frank Rizzo
preload image.

thats what raped children see...
the horror.... the horror...

jesus I cant get over the creepiness....
I used to watch this show... didn't affect me at all, just ask the kids tied up in my basement.
"Filthy enough to be spectacular."

That right there sums up this show. How is it I had never come across that before? And yet... and ye that phrase summons up such exquisite memories. Ahhh. Yep, that one is going into my archives.
As a Canadian kid growing up in the 80's, I've never heard of this. That or I've repressed the horror.
Reminds me a lot of You can't do that on Television. Wouldn't surprise me to find out it's by the same people.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Am I the only one that thinks that mental patients would be absolutely captivated by this?
I am certainly captivated by this. This is utterly undisturbed though.

It's like they bottled those weekends you got left with your weird uncle for the afternoon...
Sudan no1
I hope John Goodman stays alive long enough to play him in the reboot.
Thank god it's not bath time!!!!
It would appear that they got a guy who's only ever done wrestling promos and told him kids TV is more or less the same thing
I watched the wntire 2:55 of that clip.

It has made me a stronger person.
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