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Desc:Shareware week continues. This game? Was the BEST game.
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:raptor, shareware, apogee
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Comment count is 12
The best part about this game was the coconut-throwing monkies and laser cows that would appear if you played around with the buttons at the bottom of the interface.
That depended on the date on your computer if i remember correctly. certain dates would bring out the monkeys.

You could edit the raw data of the EXE file to change the text on the loading screen. Everyone in my school at the time made the loading screen call the game "Fucker: Call of the Hackers"
I didn't really get into overhead shooters on the PC because I didn't own a gamepad until much later, and they weren't as fun with the keyboard. Clearly I missed out, because this looks better than most of the console ones I liked.
This was the best shump of the 90s.
I got this as part of like a 600-game bundle when I was 11 or so.

this was probably the only game on it I ever played.
ok i know i've done the same response for pretty much all of shareware week but:

i remember installing this on the 6th grade homeroom computer and people shit their pants

this game was tops
anyone recall the DOS command to change the system date ? that was how one used the cheat codes right ?

i believe the dos command to change the system date was just 'date'

This game somehow managed to give you weapon upgrades that made you feel like a total badass while still keeping the game hard.
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