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Desc:Actual thing
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:jersey shore, geordie shore, wtf england?, guidos are everywhere
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Comment count is 23
There should be a tag called "Tit juggling".
My biggest fear is gettin RINGLES.

So Wales must be the UK's New Jersey. They are both shitholes dominated by obnoxious assholes.
Your geography is a little off.

I just assume these people are from Wales

Wales must get a bad rap. This is Newcastle, in the northeast of England and these people are 'geordies'. Perhaps unfairly, it doesn't have a reputation for the cleverest of citizens. These people probably won't change that stereotype.

I thought Essex is their New Jersey, while Wales is their Alabama. Actually, outside of London or Oxford is there any part of the UK that has a decent reputation?

bath, maybe. of course, that trashy bitch jane austin lived there so MAYBE NOT

Billy the Poet
The one time I was in England, I got badly lost in Newcastle. Three people offered to sell me "Scooby Doobies" but nobody could offer directions in a coherent approximation of English. But I did get the gnomic wisdom that, "En arder to get awt, yeh gots ta gew een!"

I just now realized that Sophie seems to have similar style to that Snookie creature. I wonder if the casting call required at least one girl to be an absolutely disgusting, obnoxious hambeast or if the similarity is just a happy accident. There must be a formula to why Jersey Shore was so watched

the way to tell you're in new castle is, if "THATS WHERE THE BEER'S FROM!"
oh come on... Venom? they were in new jersey when he said it!

I have never met people like this in Wales.

Ok except in Newport.

(Newport technically doesn't count)

Why was this not shot in Blackpool?
Lots of people holiday there because of their theme park. No one decent wants to go to Newcastle.

Every Geordie I've met has been a top bloke.
Like this lot then? Top blokes indeed.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Legalize murder.
It's like Byker Grove for slags.
it's pronounced "nooKUSSell"
I thought a show with that title would just be a bunch of clones of LeVar Burton clones living together. It would be my very favorite show. I am disappointed in this.

Also: I'm a big fan of most things British and consider myself able to understand the accent at all times, but I can not understand a single thing said by these people.
Amazingly, these people are smarter than Tom Collins (BBBS).
These must be confusing times for anglophiles.
Jet Bin Fever
It will fail, hilariously.
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