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Desc:Too white for 73q
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:D&D, white people, like a g6
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Comment count is 24
Who else watched this and thought, "Mages can't wield bows"? I'm going to go cry for noticing that.
Any class should be able to use any weapon but they should just get huge penalties to accuracy and damage. it would be more realistic that way.

No, but I noticed how lame it was. LOLZ A RAP/R&B SONG ABOUT SOMETHING R&B SINGERS DON'T NORMALLY SING ABOUT BUT ABOUT SOMETHING NERDY. I see a bright future as writers for SNL here.
Sorry, I just think this shit is getting old.

What if she's multclassing?

Albuquerque Halsey
Or she took a weapon proficiency feat

Modern Angel
Ordinarily, basically always, I'm with you on the disdain for shitty "place nerd stuff in not nerd stuff LOL" humor. I found this the exception to the rule.

Actually my first thought was "D&D is a D20 system...maybe this is about Warhammer"

I'm going to shoot myself now.

She could be an elf; they begin play with proficiency with bows, and wizard is their favoured class. I didn't see any pointy ears, but her hair was in the way, and besides: wizard. She could be using an illusion, or even a transmutation such as Alter Self.

Could just be a magical bow that wizards are able to use.

It's no "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar"
Meatsack Jones
Secondly, we don't drink Coke. Mountain Dew, RC, or Jolt if it's an all nighter.

As for the song, so bad it hurt.
Horribly unimpressive song walking the line to uncomedy.
Here I fixed it...
Baby Cakes - The Roleplay Tournament
Meatsack Jones
I never heard that before, thank you for cleansing mine eyes and ears!!!

That was painful to sit through.

I'm not really sure how to rate this.
Okay, closet geekery and all, this made me smile through the whole thing.

That's worth five stars.
"Hmmm... 'Roll a D6', dollars to donuts this is some stupid rap song about role playing games."

:clicks link:
Modern Angel
Pose actions like I'm playing a MUD

Jet Bin Fever
it was decent stop acting like your too cool for ironic white people rap songs
So, which forehead is the token hot girl attached to?
D&D and this song, love both
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