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Desc:It's getting somewhat sad
Category:General Station
Tags:nick bravo, bravo, cant do it anymore
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Comment count is 30
Eroticus E - 2011-05-07
Atlas Begged!
memedumpster - 2011-05-07
This is five stars and I haven't even pressed play yet.

Jack Dalton - 2011-05-07
So is he not getting royalties for reading that book in a fake british accent?

Rovin - 2011-05-07
HA ha ha ha, here, have five.

Hubba Bubba Nightmare - 2011-05-08
I guess its hard to pull yourself by your bootstraps when you don't have any boots

baleen - 2011-05-08
I think one thing that rubs everybody the wrong way is his overtly dramatic rendition of all the events around him, including going to the city council and treating everyone like the Man.

If I had 00 to donate to the homeless, it would go to Sarah's Circle, a woman's shelter uptown that I tried to get a grant writing job. There, women are sleeping on linoleum, I had to step over their bodies to get to the office. They are struggling with abusive pimps and ex-husbands, trying to reconnect with their children, trying to overcome drug and alcohol problems, and other things that invoke far more sympathy then this pompous jackass.

Mother_Puncher - 2011-05-07
God this guy has a lot of videos that are too long for me to bother with. Can someone give me the short version of this guy's story?
StanleyPain - 2011-05-07
He was a huge, smug douchebag on youtube who loved making videos trashing people who didn't believe in objectivism and bitching about retarded first world problems and his massive persecution complex. ("The barista at the coffee shop was rude to me!")
Then he lost his job and found himself in a shitty situation and eventually, now, homeless, wherein he STILL makes videos on YouTube despite living in a van and now continuously begs for money despite having years ago made videos about how pathetic people are when they are like the way he is now.

I would bet you money if someone were to give him the resources to put his life back together, he would go right back to square one and tomorrow we would be seeing him making more videos about how awesome Ayn Rand is.

Toenails - 2011-05-07
Also he has a funny voice.

StanleyPain - 2011-05-07
That's the short version. baleen should come in there and give the juicy version.

simon666 - 2011-05-07
Baleen made him cry. Then Baleen felt badly. Then Spikebravo continued presenting an annoying persona online. Baleen ceased feeling badly shortly thereafter.

Also, it would be easier for me to feel for him if he might just admit he was wrong about that Objectivist nonsense.

Rovin - 2011-05-07
Also, he's pointed out in at least one video that, despite a desperate situation, there are jobs he refuses to get (manual labor, fast food, so on, so forth) becaust they are beneath him/of worth only to lower people.

Mother_Puncher - 2011-05-08
Christ this guy sounds like a fucking douche. But, him losing his job is just Ayn Rand's idea of natural selection within society and giving him any kind of help is against the natural order of things.

Mother_Puncher - 2011-05-08
And he sounds like Jason from Home Movies.

baleen - 2011-05-08

The exact words that made him cry were on the comments of a mildly sexist (women don't love me because women are stupid and shallow etc.) video on Schopenhauer. I told him that Schopenhauer died alone living with his cat. This struck a chord with Nick, and he posted a followup response to the cruelty of the internet. He discovered that POE was mocking him, made some videos in response. I made him a video wearing a scarf and pretending to be a Jewish wizard who was idly casting spells on him to make his life miserable. He responded with some videos that were not very funny, but he did cast a Wiccan spell on me that involved pouring salt into a sink.

As said above, I did feel pretty bad for a while, but then I realized that he's kind of a horrible person. The best crying I've ever gotten off the internet from horrible people is probably cena_mark's. None of the videos mentioned in this post exist anymore, unfortunately.

chumbucket - 2011-05-08
...and that, little ones, is what internet video production drama is ALL about. Now off to bed with you.

Pillager - 2011-05-07
Pay 2k, maybe he leaves for a year.

Don't pay him & darwinism claims another loser.

Decisions, decisions...
Tom Collins - 2011-05-07
Can't he just ask one of the people he knows to let him use their address? He can lie that he lives there and get a job, and work it from there.

So, what's happening here? Has he had a breakdown, or is it just depression?
phalsebob - 2011-05-07
Getting sad? Man this guy is as depressing as Chris Chan. I hope he makes it through this hell, even if he will keep making idiotic Objectivist videos.
Tom Collins - 2011-05-07
I wonder how many people got what they wanted, and immediately realised it's not what they really wanted.

simon666 - 2011-05-07
^^^ What you said.

simon666 - 2011-05-07
Well, what phalsebob said.

Grandmaster Funk - 2011-05-07
no, I'm not cut out for hard labor. I need a carreer where I can use my mind and my talents.
TheRealNickBravo 22 hours ago
CJH - 2011-05-08
this guy and Mike Tyson?! should hit the road together. it'd be like Tommy Boy but instead of saving the brake pad company they end up blowing dudes for wi-fi

The Townleybomb - 2011-05-08
That would be a good movie.

yogarfield - 2015-07-31
cjh time travel 5

CIWB - 2011-05-08
He's been sad for a long time.

However, I just saw one of his videos where he's bitching about people who expect others to "magically" give them whatever they want, so I'm not inclined to feel sorry for this sad, ugly pile of human excrement.

Also, "legalized" document.

Also, does he have braces on his upper teeth? Braces are ridiculously expensive, and don't fix nearly enough about what's physically ugly about this guy, let alone anything else.

Ugly and dumb, with an entitlement complex. What could be worse?

CIWB - 2011-05-08
Also, he's got a voice that is designed to irritate anyone with ears, so there goes the last refuge of the ugly and dumb in Los Angeles.

I'm trying to think of a more worthless human, and I keep coming back to Chris Chan. If an angry genie presented me with the choice of being stuck as Chris Chan or Nick Bravo for the rest of my life, I'd pick Chris Chan. At least I'd have a roof over my head and all the government cheese I could eat.

And a PS3!

sjohnson301 - 2011-05-08
According to sources, he gets 0 per month via disability (SSI) from the government. So he has at least a little income....regardless, I'm sure 00 wouldn't shut him up for long.

I guess the reason his voice is like that (and presumably why he gets SSI payments) is because he's deaf, or half-deaf. Notice the hearing aid in his right ear.

Modern Angel - 2011-05-08
Haha, of course he gets SSI while railing against the poor and undeserving. Of course he does. This sack of shit could've been elected to Congress last November if he ran in the right district.

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