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Desc:Mainly submitted for the hand-drawn picture of the T-1000.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:zero punctuation, Yahtzee
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Comment count is 19
The original Alice was terrible. The first and last stages were fun, the rest was gawdawful.
"And then Alice promised never to tell her parents"
Does he have a cold or something? He sounds more lethargic than usual.
La Loco
That's how he's sounding lately. The slower he talks the less funny he is.

Um, no. He has a cold.

I'm pretty sure they slowed down his recording for this one. they've done it in previous reviews as well. i'm not sure why.

MacGyver Style Bomb
This is what he sounds like when he has to use a Rock Band USB microphone.

Those mysterious other reviews were probably the ones where he had a cold.

Robin Kestrel
I do not like how he sounds in this one. I do not like it at all. There's a couple other ones where he sounds like this, as well.

I don't like it and I wish they would stop.

Syd Midnight
I theorize that humor is how Yahtzee thermoregulates. The less funny he is, the slower he talks.

Sudan no1
I hate Yahtzee because he's the only reason The Escapist exists. I gave it a shot for the drawing mentioned... IT WASN'T FUNNY EITHER F U
Caminante Nocturno
There is nothing suspect about teabagging.
not his best
Sweaty Uncle Dan is pretentious.
Is anybody getting tired of the blurred out cocks in his videos? A blurred out cock is still a cock, so it's kind of hard to watch these at work during downtime.
Lewis Carrol was no pedo.

I think he's thinking of JM Barrie. Who also wasn't a paedo (well, there was no evidence to suggest it.)

Well there's no definitive proof but a lot of people were leaning towards it...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Carroll#Suggestions_of_paed ophilia

Not bad, but I'm giving it an extra star because I didn't have to wait and listen to my computer chugging through all the ads to view it on that blasted website.
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