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Desc:If you can't make a meal out of it, it's not people food!
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:Nuts, bullshit, veganism, people food
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Comment count is 21
Macho Nacho
"You can't make a meal out of these things. You're gonna sit there and crack these things open with rocks in nature and chew on them. When you got, ya know, in a tropical environment or any environment where these things are growing. There are so many options."

I guess he doesn't know about the capuchin rock cracking nut group. I mean I know they're not people, but whose to say our ancestors didn't use rocks to crack open nuts anyway? Also, fats are a form of energy and eating these nuts were probably a good source of energy back then. Of course now people can't eat nuts excessively because of the fats, but it's not like the fats are as terrible as the fats one might get from eating french fries.

Yeah, anyway, this guy is stupid.
Squirrels eat nuts. They eat acorns. One might consider the feelings of the tree when the squirrel eats an acorn, but in fact this is not the case. A single tree produces more Acorns then could possibly sprout in a single area, automatically. In fact I'm pretty sure there are no trees which try to produce more or less seeds based on the number of nearby trees because they do not care. Animals, including squirrels eat the excess nuts. In particular, squirrels store the nuts for winter and then forget where some of them were, causing new trees to sprout in the spring from these nuts that were pre-planted and forgotten by an animal.

In effect, the tree wants some of it's seeds to be eaten so the rest can be planted by the animal and grown. You would think if the tree hated the squirrels or the people or the anything that ate it's seeds, they could choose to stop making them for a while until the people went away. This is clearly not the case.

I hate raw food/vegan/freegan/whatever fucktards. This usually spins down the drain until they're talking about how great it is to drink your own urine and smoke tea leaves.
Check out this guys video on bottled water (SPOILER: YOU CAN GET ALL YOUR WATER FROM FRUITS AND NEVER DRINK EVER)

Also, this guy is batshit. He runs thefruitarian.com and basically claims you can live entirely on only eating fruits and vegetables. Theoretically, this is true, but it also requires that you engage in a massive amount of physical activity. His diet plans are almost completely useless to an average person because of the insane amounts of sugar you would be consuming which would likely result in weight gain (even with modest physical activity) and probably blood sugar level problems after a certain amount of time. I hate people who think that because SOME people can subsist of these kinds of diets, therefore ALL people can, ignoring the genetic factors involved in why some people in some places/cultures can eat things differently and be effected differently.

Wonderful levels of insanity right here.

The way I see it, veganism will eventually solve its own problem. Eventually, everything will be classified as "alive" and "with consciousness" and they will simply starve. Natural selection at work.
I think at least one Arthur C. Clarke book posited a movement in the the future that believed that nothing that was ever alive should be eaten. Presumably it would only arise once it became possible to synthesize a balanced diet from non-life derived chemicals.

You might be thinking of The Deep Range, if I remember right. And I love Clarke and all but he wasn't always spot on (eg. lasers as weapons).

I think The Secret Life Of Plants should be required reading for these people. Not because I necessarily agree with it (have not read it, have been lectured about it) but because it would induce incredible amounts of guilt on them for even eating a banana.

It feels bad to end a life for your own needs, but then again that's a little projection on our part except for the pain -- if a cow got to be 100 years old, she would still be a cow, she would still eat, shit and sleep and do nothing else all day (she would make new cows every now and then but that's not a daily activity). So it doesn't make a difference whether she lives one year or a hundred years. What matters is that the species goes on. In fact, you can even argue that cows have evolved that way -- in an environment dominated by humans, domesticated animals are fitter than the rest.

George Washington Carver = Satan
It's alarming how many people fall for this kind of bullshit these days.

All these people seem totally convinced that you can survive indefinitely from only fruits and vegetables. Telling people that is exactly the same as telling somebody that you know a guy who lived to be 90 years old and smoked a pack of cigarettes every day, therefore cigarettes are fine.

Vegan websites, vegan bloggers, vegans, these are the only people and places that you will ever see make the claim that you only need fruits and vegetables to survive. The reason is because it's simply not true for everybody. But hey, it worked for those buddhist monks so it must work for everybody right? Because all races are created equal right? Wrong. And the misinformation spread by these people is literally causing people to starve themselves.
Variety and moderation.
What a nut job.

Raw walnuts, almonds, and peanuts are pretty damn tasty. They taste better roasted, but they don't need it to be good.

And what's so different about the things you have to do to a lot of vegetables and fruits to be able to eat them? Try just chowing down on a pumpkin right off the vine sometime, teeth only.
Just don't eat a raw cashew unless you like dying.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Vegans are actually allowed to eat nuts. They eat nuts all over the place.
Dr Dim
OK he's a retard I'm not listening to this. There are valid ethical, if not health reasons for being vegan but this shit is just stupid. This idea of nature being some kind of cooperative effort where all organisms help each other is ridiculous and the product of kids who watch too many Disney cartoons.
The whole idea of seeds in fruit is that an animal will eat it all and shit the seed out somewhere else, ensuring the growth survival of the plant species.
I can't imagine the gas this guy must produce eating fruit all day. Deadly gas?
Gas so bad it makes even the vegans gag.

Most people think broccoli tastes like horseshit. DONT EAT IT!
I like Broccoli.

I have not tasted horseshit, so I cannot verify the validity of your statement.

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