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Desc:was on a bus tour and i was like omg!! a hot JAPANESE GUY! i love anime and manga so i freaking out!
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:playstation 2, stalking, probably fat, dark secret
Submitted:Jet Bin Fever
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Comment count is 13
to be fair, i'd suck his dick
That's a woman.

So, that's the dark secret?

Jet Bin Fever
The "dark secret" is from her description, but ahh possibly?

Ok, i just read it, derp. Well, that's pretty damn dark i guess....

Yeah, but you'd suck MY dick too.

The one good thing about cigarettes is how they shield you from interactions with the incurably inflexible.
Macho Nacho
He's probably not even Japanese.
Hugo Gorilla
The sugar coating on a fan girl's brain is a double-edge sword. Serving as a sealant to prevent the world's displeasures and uncomfortable realities from entering into her consciousness, it also seeps into the grey matter rotting an otherwise healthy brain She remains, mentally, a perpetual thirteen year old as a result.
Sudan no1
to be fair, that also applies to fanboys..

I think she meant "I like anime and manga so I freaking out" in the sense that she is a nerd, and he is not, therefore he is way out of her league. I don't mean this as a joke, she clearly doesn't speak english, so she might have had a hard time describing why sitting next to such a hot guy was such a big deal to her.
your sympathy has thoroughly ruined this for me

luckily it wasn't very interesting to begin with

Syd Midnight
was on a bus tour and i was like omg!! a hot AMERICAN GIRL! i love MTV and Walt Disney so i freaking out!
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