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Desc:Girls in the background aren't impressed
Tags:dance, Apple Store, famous glasses
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Comment count is 21
charmlessman - 2011-04-13
They're just jealous they don't have moves like that.
spikestoyiu - 2011-04-13
I think an even more entertaining video would be this kid's dad watching this for the first time.
StanleyPain - 2011-04-13
Damn snobs.
Mother_Puncher - 2011-04-13
Future flash mob organizer/Flynt Flossy fan
Smellvin - 2011-04-13
I'm sorry, but if you wear a hat like that you have no excuse to look down on anyone else, diminutive-and-too-cool-for-school girl in the back.
Eroticus E - 2011-04-13
Chubby middle school girls can't handle his steez.
TeenerTot - 2011-04-13
Yeah, you furry-ear-hat-wearer... HE'S a weirdo.
pastorofmuppets - 2011-04-13
"there ya go" guy is the enemy of good
baleen - 2011-04-13
I hate this kid and his channel.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-04-13
This kid will survive high school just fine if puberty doesn't rip away that self-confidence.
delicatessen - 2011-04-13
That'll do pig
kingarthur - 2011-04-14
My first impression is that I think this kid is going places.
Rudy - 2011-04-14
I concur. Those were some sweet moves.

feathersfall - 2011-04-14
honestly, this kid is my hero. lol he is in fact very worthy of his EVITCA shirt.
themilkshark - 2011-04-14
teenage indifference is funny
Ursa_minor - 2011-04-14
I like this kid.
Adramelech - 2011-04-14
There's something incredibly hilarious about a kid having fun receiving looks of scorn and contempt from two fatties at an Apple store and a girl in an animal ear hat.
chumbucket - 2011-04-14
"there ya go" now stop dancin and start buyin some apple shit.
exy - 2011-04-14
"There ya go" should be Apple's new tagline or motto or whatever "Just do it" is for Nike. Anyway, screw that guy.

2 stars for dancing kid, +1 for the blue rims, +1 star for apple retail loser, +1 for happy ending where we see this kid is admired by his cute friend after all.
themilkshark - 2011-04-14
Yeah Apple guy was a dick

Adham Nu'man - 2011-12-21
Joyless bitches and insipid dick can't stop the awesome.
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