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Desc:This is a real commercial for a real resturant. It closed after 4 months.
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:food, iowa, flava flav, no stereotypes here
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Mike Tyson?!
Come and get it!!
Why would the place close? I mean, it should had gone trough the roof!
Why IOWA of all places?
al k duh
As an Iowan, I agree. There are, like, three sizable cities in Iowa, where Flav could have conceivably sold the shit out of some chicken (Des Moines, Iowa City, and Ames). Location, location, location.

From other videos it looks like this place was right next to a KFC. I can't tell if that's idiotic or genius.

Cheap rent?

I would totally eat Flav's Fried Chicken.
I would, too. I would know it's just so wrong to go there but my evil karma would be balanced out by my future health problems.

Did it make people sterile after they ate it?
How the fuck does a restaurant close after 4 months? Even mediocre struggling places usually can last a year or so. Holy crap.
One too many fried clocks in with the chicken?

Money laundering front?

The Mothership
This is magical and I wish I could have patronized his establishment.
I too am saddened by the fact this looks to be a "flash in the fry pan" operation


I wanted to visit Abdullah the Butcher's rib joint the last time I was in Atlanta, but my local friend/tour guide flat-out refused to drive through that part of town.

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