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Desc:Too furlong for 73q.
Category:Business, Pets & Animals
Tags:strange, the doors, furlong, ways to support a habit
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Comment count is 16
Those albums where kids sing popular songs in fun dancing kid style are very addictive versions of the song usually, but I don't see how kids or anyone is supposed to dance to this.
I order you to take this video down! I ORDER YOU!!!
He played The Crow in one of those...crow movies, and he was already fat.
Wow this is pretty terrible
This is almost as good as Pet Sematary 2.
I was so impressed with Furlong in T2 as a kid, and I wondered why he dropped off unlike Elijah Wood or Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

But I didn't know about this happening. DAMN
He is big in japan

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Every white guy is big in Japan.

Jet Bin Fever
"Too furlong"
This cover gets 54 Furlongs per thimble of Jim Morrison.
I didn't know someone could sing smarmily.
Now I know.
Robin Kestrel
So much charisma! He is the Lizard King!
A man ahead of his time (pre-autotuning).
A guy who was too much of a burned-out wastrel to play John Connor as a burned-out wastrel in the sequel to T2.
You must be mistaken, good sir. There was no sequel to T2.

*fingers in ears* NA NA NA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU! THERE WAS NOT!!

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