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Desc:The intellectual Stephen Fry would be too scared to confront.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:religion, atheist, wally george, debate, Intelligence Squared
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Comment count is 11
Wow that was a good promo. The match must have been even better.
Wally bleaches his hair so the blood shows up in the shit seats.

The awesome thing about this is I originally thought it was an old skit making fun of right wing commentators. The jeering crowd, the yelling, and insults. This show is straight up pandemonium.

Poe's Law

Meh. He's just a blowhard shock-jock.

It's also hard to debate someone if they're (1) just planning on yelling and (2) deceased.
Braying retards.
Please watch the Wally George AIDS quarantine clip in the hopper. I find this funny, but the AIDS debate really cuts Wally's "shtick" to the bone.
"You INVENTED the word ugly!"

Wow. How old is that guy?
So what's the deal with Wally? It seems pretty obvious to me that his show was a put-on but there's now a whole network full of Wally Georges who do the same act with deathly, humorless earnestness. Did the jackasses in the audience just grow up to be Fox News viewers? Was Wally a visionary or just a provocateur?
Oscar Wildcat
They tell us that,
we lost our tails,
evolving up,
from little snails.
I say that's all,
just wind in sails.

Are we not men?

We are devo.

Occasionally on a Saturday night, I'd find myself drunk and alone watching TV. Almost inevitably, Wally would come into the mix. This is why I drink more.
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