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Desc:Secret Wars Doom Roller & Turbo Cycle! Oh 80s...
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:toys, Superhero, Marvel, mattel, secret wars
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Void 71
5 stars for rekindling a dormant Saturday morning cartoon memory.

Another 5 stars for 'Mahvel Supah Heroes Secret Wawz'.

Caminante Nocturno
I remember the issue of Secret Wars where Dr. Doom rode his Doom Roller into a wall. The cabin kept spinning around the track until it ran out of fuel. By then, Dr. Doom had thrown up into his mask four times.

Of course, this was all retconned in Maximum Carnage to explain how the Doppelganger came to Earth, and again during the Clone Saga because fuck the Clone Saga.
This toy is optimized for exactly 2 minutes of fun before it is thrown in some corner and forgotten about for 15 years.
I had a colouring book with a page dedicated to the Doom Roller. All this time I never suspected I was colouring a toy advertisement.
Theres no "u" in coloring.

Caminante Nocturno
That's right, it's a team effort.

Nyms Lives!
Well Mr. Doom,
That's DOCTOR Doom!
Um, yes, sorry, Doctor Doom, please explain your new design to the board.
Certainly. Gentlemen, I have devised a vehicle that can instantly change driving direction 180 degrees. Say for instance you ran into a wall...
You mean like you had a wreck?
No, I mean you came upon a wall and could no longer continue in that direction.
Um, OK, but wouldn't that mean you had a wreck?
If I may be allowed to continue! You come upon a wall and are stopped. The driver's compartment instantly rises up around the inner diameter of the wheel...
THE wheel, as in just one?
Yes, this is a monowheel design. Anyway as the compartment reaches apogee, a giant hand descents from the heavens and turns the vehicle around 180 degrees, and the vehicle continues on it's way but totally opposite to the direction it was traveling.
Giant... hand... descends? Um thank you, we'll be in touch.

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