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Desc:Strangely, Coastal Carolina is the Chanticleers, which is a chicken
Category:Sports, Pets & Animals
Tags:cats, football, college, we need dawgs, coastal carolina
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Comment count is 16
Oscar Wildcat
The coke sniffle at the beginning is essential to understanding the rest of the clip. Bonus stars for this guy being punked by a cat.
Dawgs > Cats.
Oscar Wildcat
I find that remark offensive. I will now rant at you for a few paragraphs in a vain attempt to demonstrate how cats >> dogs using Logic. Clip postings will follow.

If you can find a pro-cat video that tops this guy's impassioned plea for dog-superiority, I'll gladly tl;dr it into oblivion.

0:26-0:27, over and over again
Open this video on youtube and press 4 every 2 seconds.

I find 0:22 to be a work of more understated genius

Jet Bin Fever
I'm partial to :48 or so, personally. Something about that cat pose followed by "da ay look guuuud"

Robin Kestrel
He looks and sounds like someone that would name his kid "Jeb".
Oh, Boomhauer... will you ever learn?
Translation: Don't be faggots.
Don't be pussies is what I got from it. Or fix your screendoors or something.

I speak Southern. He clearly meant pussy.

You know those cats. Always looking in the mirror.

Well, if he's spent any time in a gay man's home (and we all know he has) pussy further translates.

I'll hand it to him: Bryan Cranston sure can act.
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