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Desc:Did I mention there's going to be another season of this show? http://twitter.com/#!/newyorker
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:Arrested Development, chicken, chicken dance, oh happy day
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Comment count is 13
I'm withholding stars until this season sees the light of day, if it never does I'm coming back here and one-starring you!
David Cross not participating. And, judging from his attitude over the last few years he's not entirely enthused about the idea. I can't say I blame him...while I loved the show, it seems like it getting cancelled may have saved it from starting to suck. Three seasons seems like the sweet spot for Arrested Development....dunno how a new season this far down the line will turn out, especially with the "kids" being so much older now.
I'm trying to think of shows that started out hilarious and managed to keep it up more than a year or two. It seems like all the longest running recent comedy greats started off rocky then picked up steam (Simpsons, Beavis & Butthead).

Maybe 30 Rock is the exception? I loved Party Down but it's also probably good they canceled it when they did.

I have a personal opinion that the first episode of "How to be a Gentleman" pretty much surpassed all my expectations. Although my view certainly has not been shared by others, especially those in charge as I just now found out it has been cancelled.

But if they somehow managed to stick around, I'm quite sure it would have been a strong show for CBS. Ah well.

David Cross is also an insufferable asshole which might explain some of it.

Hopefully Mitchell Hurwitz is as clever of a writer as he seems and figures out a way to make it all work. Then again, maybe it was a fluke in the first place, and a renewal will just tarnish the goodness that we had.

Then again, maybe shows work good in 2 to 3 season formats, a it's been stated before. The Office (UK) is a prime example, just like Extras. Ricky Gervais is good at that.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is the one defining example of a good long show. 9 Seasons and still as classic as ever? Not easy to do.
5 for the idea of Arrested Development. -1 for no David Cross.

I love that man.

Oh, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to insinuate he's not going to be on the show. I meant he wasn't participating in the chicken dance on stage. He's going to be in the new season, though.

His character didn't have a chicken dance; the only time he did it was when he was stuck in a cage, so it would not have been possible to have a chicken dance for Tobias. He did have a "back-ah! back-ah!" chicken sound though.

Larry David limits CYE to ten episodes per season, which helps a lot. 80 episodes would be less than four seasons of a network show.

The 4 still stands.
Arrested Development is the new Star Trek
I think it is a bad idea to bring the show back and ruin my memories of what was the only perfect television run a sitcom has ever had.

But I am so unbelievably excited right now that it doesn't matter.
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