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Desc:Exotic animal is ecstatic over baby lotion. With bonus underwearhead kid!
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:white people, better animals, genet, kid wants attention too
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Comment count is 17
It puts the lotion on the genet...
Jet Bin Fever
God, I needed this video after all those police brutality ones.
that's not going to happen Saturday, Char-town police are pussies

The Mothership
What an incredible collection of creatures.
Lord Running Clam
Huh, turns out it's not a cat.
Actually that kid was pretty well behaved, usually kids that aren't the sole object of attention start screaming and flipping out and destroying things.
that's the soothing power of genets

haha typical white people with their genets and children who do and say funny things. lol white people.
Yeah, this is a race video.

So are they trained to shit in little boxes or is it one of those animals you have to take outside all the time?
according to wikipedia (so take with a genet of salt), they can be trained to use litter boxes, and can eat cat or ferret food, as well as be acclimated to other animals

Why does the kid have underwear on his head?
Why don't you have underwear on your head?

Now I want a genet :(
Robin Kestrel
"Rub some baby lotion on mine!"

"She is gripping me so hard!"

I'm thinking she hates the baby lotion and is trying to cover the bloke in her scent
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