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Desc:On the cusp of 1990, Kellogg's showed us what the '90s had in store for us.
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:90s, Kelloggs, Pop-Tarts, So Hot, Theyre Cool
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just an old timer playing the spoons
Comment count is 21
Cockmaster Flash
The Mothership
If they didn't blind you with their lasers, they would burn the fuck out of your mouth if you overheated them.
Caminante Nocturno
Brother! For what you did to my beloved dog, I will use this Pop Tart to destroy you!
Great, now I'm 7 again...

Great, now I'm 1 again...

I'm in the same boat as zerobackup, although I think they ran this commercial for a few years. I definitely remember that dork pausing his dog and pissing off his sister.

Jet Bin Fever
I was 6 when this came out, and I remember how strange everyone in this commercial looked even for the time period. I mean my mom wore shoulderpads to work but Jesus.

All these people are dead now. Including the magic pop tart.
hey, you can get the blueberry channel on this thing
Hahha. For you.

Robin Kestrel
Now with cocaine frosting.
Wonko the Sane
I would have easily gone to my grave with out ever having recalled this commercial to conscious memory. So, um... thanks joelkazoo?
Hard to believe Pop Tarts weren't always frosted.
I stopped eating them around the time they started frosting all my favorites

The only good Pop Tarts are unfrosted brown sugar & cinnamon Pop Tarts. And they are still available.

big pincers
Lies! Pop Tarts are basically sugared cardboard, and the frosting is the only thing that makes them tolerable.

Jaguar Wong
The last bit makes me hungry for some Pop Tart bukkake.
I call fraudulent advertising.
Did he turn off Max Headroom in the beginning?
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