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Desc:Tommy Wiseau tells us what Lisa is doing to him.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:The Room, ACTING!, Tommy Wiseau
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Comment count is 11
The sex scenes in this movie gave me nightmares.
Needs to be looped like half a dozen times before it starts to sink in.
Aliens attempt to mimic human behavior, fail miserably.
Caminante Nocturno
I stand by my theory that this film was a student project by young aliens studying the human race.

I like how all the clips from this movie are really short. I get the sense of the film without actually having seen enough of it to hurt me.
I think the important, all-encompassing message that you leave the film with is that HE DID NAHT HIT HUR, HE DID NOT HEET HUR, HE DID NAHHHHHT...

I have this film, but can't bring myself to watch it.


It is necessary to watch it. There isn't a single part of this movie that isn't hilarious or deeply sickening and awkward.

The thing is though, Lisa really deserved to be hit.
Whoever cast her as an "attractive" female lead also needs to be beaten.


That's really the crux of the joke there.

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