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Desc:I'm still not sure what a Tajazzle is.
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:infomercial, why the terrorists hate us, tajazzle, wolfgoreshow, slowed down
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Comment count is 13
Pompoulus - 2011-10-24
This is all the convenience and nuance of being crazy, for free!

Hey wait a minute is that the Running Man theme?
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-10-24
Yeah! It is!

Riskbreaker - 2011-10-24
I still don't know what Tajazzle is, i was too busy screaming in horror.
The Mothership - 2011-10-24
vampire discovery....and acceptance.
The Townleybomb - 2011-10-24
Fuck you I'm already a glamorous goddess!
AltMazter - 2011-10-24
Tajazzle consists of scented body powder, flavored liquid, and most importantly "genuine Tajazzle crystal tattoos made with Swarovski Elements that you use to bedazzle your most intimate area." ( http://www.infomercial-hell.com/tajazzle/ )

Ladies, if you try to Tajazzle me, you can Tajazzle yourself right out of my house!
Pompoulus - 2011-10-24

Hank Friendly - 2011-10-24
I lost control the second time the gym lady came on
themilkshark - 2011-10-25
twinkieafternoon - 2011-11-17
How did I miss this the first time through?
divinitycycle - 2012-11-16
The stuff that nightmares are made of...
Caminante Nocturno - 2013-02-28
Oh god, my Tajazzle is attracting ants!

The New Meat - 2013-12-06
Is it different than vajazzle?
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