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Desc:Dr. Phil in outrage kicks off bumfights producer who is dressed in mocking attire
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:dr. phil, bumfights, bald asshole, outrage, kicked
Submitted:rhythm rider
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Comment count is 15
ineedanewalias - 2006-12-22
Dr. Phil refuses to publicize video that he just produced and aired.
minimalist - 2006-12-22
I am shocked - SHOCKED! - at the content of this pretaped segment of my show.
eroticus e - 2006-12-22
Fuck this shit.
bopeton - 2006-12-22
Brought him there just to dramatically kick him out? Fag.
Bone_Vulture - 2006-12-22
..So I don't get a car? No wait, that's Oprah.
Dummy Rum - 2006-12-22
Revealing the "Doctor" for the humorless cad he is.
erix - 2006-12-25
Awesome costume idea.
Syzygy - 2006-12-26
The guy IS a creep, but he is right. Dr.Phil planned that, and he profits off suffering aswell
Xiphias - 2006-12-26
weee loooooooooove you doooctorrrrrrr phillllllllllll
BAC - 2007-01-10
if I ever meet the bumfights guy I'm goina to punch him in the face...same for dr. phil
ashtar. - 2007-04-24
This is awful, awful footage that I'm going to show and get ratings from.
Hugo Gorilla - 2007-05-05
When shallow, self-important jerks collide.
carpenter - 2007-05-19
Phil says "stop the tape" but they record a few minutes of sanctimoious PHILosophy. douche.
doc duodenum - 2007-05-21
Someone should do this to Rachel Ray
Sudan no1 - 2013-03-08
People really misunderstood this video.
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