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Desc:Fred the Mink argues that although he dies for different reasons, they're just as valid.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:suicide, chicken, Cow, EFBAAISBL, mink
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 19
Evil enough, although I hate minks. Vicious, bitey little monsters.

I wonder how they taste.
There honestly isn't any difference between leather and fur, but trying to pretend that animals are interested in being "useful to people" is pretty hilarious and evil.
Obviously you've never eaten at Milliways.

Though I do often think that whenever I pass a billboard every so often on I-70 that shows a cartoon cow & pig smiling and bright-eyed, trying to entice you to a BBQ joint.

I figured that such mascots are so enthusiastic because this is how they keep from meeting the same fate as their fellows.

Interesting fact: I can't be reminded of the fact my food was an animal on a conscious level while eating. Can't eat at any of the many BBQ joints here that use pigs as mascots. There's one on the beach that even has a giant pink pig (like, Pink Floyd size) strapped to the roof of the building.

You're not an eater of ribs, Colonel Ives?

Syd Midnight
Fur and leather are acceptable as clothing, but only when used as light body armor and/or sexual fetish.

Screw it, I'm calling PETA.
If it hadn't been for the logo I'd think this was a PETA ad.

Interestingly, this is also how the 1% view the 99%.

I see no difference between being maimed by an IED or by substandard safety regulations on a minimum-wage factory floor. Either way, I'm useful!

I thought this was some sort of strawman from the PETA folks, but the ad autoplays on the EFBA website.
Don't they have to skin the animal alive while they are harvesting it for fur?
No, fur farm animals are electrocuted by having an alligator clip attached to their cheek and a probe shoved up their ass.

Except for minks. Minks you just bend the head back until it is against the spine. This breaks the neck and they thrash about a bit, then die.

Then they skin the animal.

You are thinking of trap line skinning.

So fashion and food are both in the same category to these people? Now I dont have to be so shy about all those models I killed and ate.
No humans!?

Syd Midnight
I propose a Human Leather program, where skin is harvested from cadavers and rationed and anyone can opt-out but it's illegal to wear unless you've permanently signed up. OK, maybe not.

I like this new episode of "Creature Comforts."
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