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Desc:"Replace the word ANGEL with the word EXTRATERRESTRIAL and we have a very different story."
Category:Educational, Classic TV Clips
Tags:white people, giorgio tsoukalos, HISTORY!, Squirrel Hair
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Comment count is 8
Uh, don't you mean Angel?
Ahhhh. Do I?

Yes sir/ madam, I think you do/ did.

Ok, i have this guy figured out already. Ready? This might blow your socks off, but it makes perfect sense, specially after you see the video i just submitted to poetv:

He's a PUA

No really, think about it, the tan, the hair, the "i'm the real life indiana jones" angle. This is his method of getting some tail, crazy tail maybe, but tail neverless. I can already imagine his routine:

"I'm not saying ancient aliens did everything in this world, but they certainly made you the most gorgeous woman at this party. Wanna see the ancient artifact i found in one of my expedition trips? It's in my pants right now, and it's growing."
Go get your gaydar checked at the shop, mate.

Adham Nu'man
[Points to Alien]

extra stars for activating the "squirrel hair" tag
Squirrel hair tag activated!
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