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Desc:She has dozens of these
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:guns, self-defense, rape paranoia
Submitted:Koda Maja
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Comment count is 23
Why stop at a shotgun? Why not just tote a bazooka around 24/7...just incase?

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
If you are *really* serious about preventing rape (and why not?) get one of these...

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1288133/The-female-con dom-TEETH-South-African-doctor-launches-anti-rape.html

this thing can apparently only be removed by a doctor once attached + doesnt break skin so no aids
Sudan no1

Yeah, I hate to say it, but I think rapists have a bit more imagination than "relatively quick death by shotgun blast" when it comes to a worst nightmare.

Like, I dunno, having the blood, bone chunks and innards of someone who was about to sexually assault you sprayed all over your body.

I love it when chicks play hard to get.
Sudan no1
This is a good idea. The internet has taught me that you never know when a zombie will rape you.
La Loco
Ok, she's holding that gun like she's never shot one before, arms trembling with the strain of merely holding it up.
The Mothership
the kickback would absolutely destroy her shoulder.

Adham Nu'man
With most shells the kickback is not so bad, even with a 12 gauge. Still, she might want to stand another foot away from that wall though.

You know these are fetish videos right?

The shotgun isn't a gun but one of the giant rapecocks that threaten her at every moment. In this video, it is turned against the would-be rapist, leaving him flaccid and embarrassed.

Adham Nu'man
***** For TOCS

Billy the Poet
In a rape situation that is in keeping with reality instead of paranoid power fantasy, the rapist would be much too close to the victim for a hand cannon like that to be any danger at all. It would more likely wind up being used as a bludgeon against the victim.
Attention women! You will be attacked by rapists. This is a fact. Wouldn't it be nice to murder these people you've never met, but I assure you exist?
Funny thing is she'll now attract all the heavly armed NRA gun fetish rapists.
Cherry Pop Culture
So...if the rapist avoids the shotgun blast and rapes the woman, will she still be victim blamed?

The answer is yes.
Caminante Nocturno
That rapist's heart just wasn't into it. He was clearly half-assing his way through the whole thing.

Maybe he's in a rut.

A rape rut.
These are for the rape rut. We've ALL been there...

What if the shotgun only kills the top half of the rapist, leaving the lower half still rape-capable?
Caminante Nocturno
Rape-capability is a difficult thing to measure.

Rape-Cape (tm)

I dunno, maybe she was inspired by Bill & Dwayne's TFL vids...
Should've been Casey Kasem
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