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Desc:Caminante claims this is the worst anime ever...of course I had to look it up (Semi-NSFW)
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Anime, Boobies, WTF Japan, Eiken, Boob Physics
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Comment count is 45
I was going to post the entire first episode, but I dunno how well the Hivemind would react. It may be too "giant-boobed middle school girl" for PoE.

Thanks, Caminante! You really made my Skyrim-less evening a bit more tolerable.
boobs swaying in the breeze...
Lesson learned: Even if you make a parody anime about giant breasts, anime fans will STILL find a way to masturbate to it.
This is a parody?

Are their boobs made of squirrels? The anguished hula hoop dance is great.
Born in the RSR
my stars go to the german subtitles
Cherry Pop Culture
I wanted to see this train-wreck after I saw a scathing review of it. It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. It was dull and unmemorable. Not the worst anime ever in my mind; there's plenty of horrible and misogynistic things that are much, much worse in presentation and delivery. The only thing I remember of Eiken is the name.
blue vein steel
Japan really needs to take a long, hard look at itself
When you stare into the abyss, a giant pair of breasts stare back at you.

Long and hard...uh huh huh

In all fairness there are some decent, reasonable people in Japan. The rest are racist, sexist, gangsters, politicians, dressing up like little girls or masturbating over videos of girls farting into microphones. A few do it all simultaneously.

Caminante is a known breast unenthusiast.
Jet Bin Fever
Anything above an A cup is too much for Caminante to handle.
It is one of the worst intros Ive seen. I dont know why Im 5 starring this since I dont like much anime or big boobs but it seems like Id hate this either way.
Eiken is universally hated by all, both POETV and anime turbonerds. It is a beautiful moment of unity.
I call for a "secondary animation" tag.
Caminante Nocturno
Every time you watch this intro, you learn something new about it. However, just watching it once is watching it too many times.

We call that "Eiken's Paradox".
"We" meaning you and Cena?

I am not a weeaboo.

Nah. One of the current theories is that you "two" are merely a pair of personalities sharing one body.

The only things me and Cammy have in common is liking My Little Pony and posting on this site.
I like some Studio Ghibli films. And the only Japanese things in my Apartment are there because I went to Japan. I am not a weeaboo.



Unmerciful Crushing Force
I will only be convinced that they are not one and the same without video of Caminante and Cena_Mark engaged in luchador combat involving pie.


Billy the Poet
Caminante, that you didn't like this doesn't change the fact that you watched it. And that is worrying.
Louis Armstrong
Fitting submitter name.

It depends on your definition of "worst" I guess. I would imagine a show like this would be pretty stupid and shallow, but "worst?" You're talking about a country where there are routinely animes and games involving the rape and torture of little girls.
At least those little girls don't have G-cups.

I laughed really hard at this for some reason. Particularly the part where the credits were bouncing on pink haired girl's nuclear boobs.
Wow, that song is terrible.
That little girl probably has some severe back problems.
From Wikipedia:

"Eiken (エイケン?) is a heavily fanservice-themed manga and anime series created by Seiji Matsuyama. The story depicts the life of schoolboy Densuke Mifune after he is forced into the mysterious Eiken Club, which is populated only by females, several of whom have enormous breasts.

The manga series ran for eighteen volumes, and additionally included a series guidebook. A number of radio drama episodes and two OVAs (the latter roughly based on a volume 3 storyline) have been produced."

So, um, how does a series entirely dependent on teenagers and little girls having giant bouncing tits work as a radio drama, exactly?
Cherry Pop Culture
Radio dramas are pure marketing ploys for money. Several franchises have radio dramas, like pokemon.

I suspect heavy use of the "boing" sound effect.

Probably lots of long, detailed descriptions of each girl's chest.

Done in character.

As the Wikipedia article continues, it makes the series sound worse and worse. Then we get to the angry review excerpt from the end:

"[...] The main thing distinguishing this from other fanservice manga is the complete lack of plot and the revolting artwork, including a sixth-grader with breasts so large they look like giant testicles, and numerous obscene shots of women eating Popsicles, veiny chunks of beef, and the like. Probably intended as a parody of 'normal' shōnen romantic comedy manga, it is still almost unreadable."

This is beginning to sound like a sexual deviant's lucid dream was recorded on paper and then handed to a team of writers to make it eleven times worse.

I think the difference, Cherry, between Eiken and something like Pokemon being broadcast on the radio is that Pokemon might have somewhat of a story to listen to, while Eiken would be akin to a sketch written and performed by morning radio people trying way to too hard to be shocking.

Forget about the radio show, 18 volumes of manga? How much "story" can you get from this?

I'm sure it's not so much a story as a study of every possible way to barely cover nipples.

See also: Love Hina

Caminante Nocturno
God, fuck Love Hina! Fuck it straight to Hell!

I think he's afraid of boobs. Also, the bear from The Shining is in that crowd shot near the end.
Oddly enough, the actual EIKEN test in Japan doesn't have any of this.
For you

As an anime fan, I'm not sure if this is the worst intro ever, but I lost it about the 1 minute mark. Pure gold.
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