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Desc:Impressive? Pathetic? You be the judge
Category:Stunts, Arts
Tags:coins, creativity, balance, coin, complete waste of time
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Comment count is 28
Hooker - 2011-11-12
Of course it's pathetic. Every hobby that takes a length of time is loathesome. Aspergers.
baleen - 2011-11-13
I'm thinking more along the lines of "has a good meth connection."

Riskbreaker - 2011-11-13
If i learned anything from the internet, and i did, is that anyone with a hobby has a 99.5% chance of having aspergers.

Discordia - 2011-11-13
I'm thinking maybe he did while everyone else was watching football. Or while everyone else was doing yoga. Or playing WOW. Or while everyone else was watching stupid youtube videos and making comments on how stupid the people were for doing whatever they were doing in the video.

Oscar Wildcat - 2011-11-12
The sierpinski triangle suggests some passing familiarity with fractals. Also; weed.
Dinkin Flicka - 2011-11-12
Meth is a hell of a drug
Aelric - 2011-11-12
Yeah, what I total waste of time! *returns to playing video games*
fedex - 2011-11-13
Impressive? Pathetic?
The Mothership - 2011-11-13
impressive in that he did it. pathetic in that he clearly has nothing better to do.
simon666 - 2011-11-13
House arrest.

TheQuakeSoldier - 2011-11-13
Sitting around all day commenting on all these videos is clearly of better use to society than what this guy is doing.

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2011-11-13
this is amazing and anyone who says otherwise is a fool
Steebis - 2011-11-13
How long till it was used as a bong?
The Townleybomb - 2011-11-13
This eerie phenomenon of hippies performing amazing feats of balancing makes me worry that there's a lot more to that new age crap than meets the eye.
longwinded - 2011-11-13
yeah fuck the haters this is awesome
Spoonybard - 2011-11-13
"Ummmmm...........gnarly gnarly gnarly!"
HotwaxNinjaPanther - 2011-11-13
All I could think was "all the food I would buy if I had those quarters in a bag."

Yeah, I'm poor.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-11-13
I was thinking he could put em in a sack and sling it at someone.

Banal Intercourse - 2011-11-14
No, *you* could sling it at someone. This guy could drop this like an augur on someone's head.

jimmicampkin - 2011-11-13
Do it again with the dime on its side and then I'll be impressed.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2011-11-13
At the end it looked like he was going to hump it and knock it down with his junk. That would have been a better ending.
American Standard - 2011-11-13
God damn I want to slap that thing over. Preferably seconds after its completion.

This urge to senselessly destroy is probably something I should have grown out of a decade ago. It went out of style with the Visigoths.
jangbones - 2011-11-13
toss a firecracker inside, watch hippie cry as coins scatter all over the room

take him out for microwave burritos to apologize

gravelstudios - 2011-11-13
I think this is cool.
Hank Friendly - 2011-11-13
he could probably use all those coins to buy himself a copy of skyrim, which would make his motivations for investing time in a completely pointless effort seem sensible to the rest of us
memedumpster - 2011-11-13
As someone ruined by cynical postmodern hipster culture to the point where I lack an attention span longer than is required to watch an episode of My Little Pony, this seems like Shao Lin levels of mental discipline.

Five stars, where's my Code Red and vidya' games...
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2011-11-14
Needs a feline to as the final act.
Simillion - 2011-11-14
That's one hell of a minecraft map he's made there
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