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Raggamuffin - 2011-11-30

It's a show completely devoted to following this one woman for the next ten years, rigging chair gags and video taping them for an audience. Slowly driving her to madness.

badideasinaction - 2011-11-30

I voted this out of the hopper if only because I wish North America treated celebrities like Japan does - as curiosities to be messed with at all times for amusement instead of revered as Gods who walk the earth.

Hooker - 2011-11-30

I don't think Japan treats celebrities all that differently.

Riskbreaker - 2011-11-30

In my experience, i've seen that japanese people have a more, let's say, ambigious relationship with their celebrities. There are some who are truly revered, but others do get more mixed reactions, not counting celebrities who are focused on very specific target demographics (little kids, anime nerds, 30 something guys who follow teen idols, housewives)

Also, japanese people just loooove to see anyone becoming the victim of a prank, anyone.

Hooker - 2011-11-30

They also have celebrities in picture-in-picture on many of their TV shows (for reference: see THIS CLIP), presumably to make the audience feel included into their celebrity circle, which seems every bit as fucked up as celebrity culture in America.

If only America had a show that pranked celebrities like this show, which I'm going to use a placeholder name for: Japanese Punk'd.

duck&cover - 2011-11-30

Now rig a chair for tentacle-rape.

GravidWithHate - 2011-11-30

Try that with Tyra Banks and see how many people she beats to death with a chair.

bluebeetle - 2011-11-30

Sorry but after the second one I'm calling fake. The way her arms fly up seems like she's acting.

The Mothership - 2011-11-30

this is brilliant, and I want more. Also what badideasinaction said, I second his/her motion.

Urburos - 2011-11-30

What half-assed, formulaic posing. Follow any pose with the same pose and a slightly tilted chin.

Anaxagoras - 2011-11-30

I swear, the posing profession has lost all sense of standards.

cool water sandwich - 2011-11-30

When they pulled the last one out of the way, it should have been replaced with a gimp pretending to be a chair.

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