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Desc:Of all of the dumb scenes in Ultraviolet, this is one of them.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:ultraviolet, milla jovovich, goofy stylized muzzle flashes, knifeguns or gunknives??
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Comment count is 29
LOL! Damn.....Bale did the gun kata better

Dr. Lobotomy
I don't remember anything in this movie that made any sense what so ever.

According to wikipedia, there's an anime spin off series... takes place in Neo-Tokyo. My head hurts.
Caminante Nocturno
What's the point of giving everyone in the library guns if they won't shoot anything?
It gives them something to shoot in the air as they run directly at her

There seriously needs to be a action film that opens with an A-list actress storming a secure facility, taking out a few redshirt goons stealthily, then getting caught doing something silly like this and being headshot/minced by covering fire seen through a sniper scope. Zoom out to the spotter who quips, "Another fucking comic book fan".
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
wow! that was so boring!! tldw
Google search of Milla Jovovich AND "dumb movies" produces 2,460 results

Love this movie. The macguffin is a child in a suitcase.
"Shit, I'm running out of ammo! I only have another 50,000 rounds left!"
Hammer Falls
Maybe one day Milla will screw and marry a director that is both aware of her talents and can direct movies competently... perhaps we should set her up with Soderbergh.
The most absurd thing of all this? When Milla shoots the blast from her guns appear in the form of the Libra. This is suppose to be a trademark of the director, who said that he felt that it might be a bit too much effort going into a detail that almost nobody is going to notice.
The reason this is boring as shit is the hero never has to strive for anything. She waves her hand and people fall down until the movie is over, the end.
At least Equilibrium had a logic behind the over the top antics. Bale was trained in a special form of combat, he was from the elite of guys carrying guns. Here what is suppose be Milla's skill? Or training? Why is she capable of defeating so many enemies without breaking a sweat? Is because she's a vampire and that's it? I saw this thing ages ago, and i didn't even finish it.

Caminante Nocturno
Her skill was ducking and only fighting enemies with terrible depth perception.

Yeah, Equilibrium's fight scenes were pretty cool as far as post-Matrix action scenes go. It's just that the other 95% of the movie was awful Brave New World/1984 fanfiction.

Sudan no1
Sorry, Equilibrium sucked too.


Yes Equilibrium sucked hard.

I remember watching this at a friend's house, and later wondering why I have idiot friends.

Dinkin Flicka
Equilibrium is a really terrible movie.

She also fights other vampires and takes them out easily so it's like... wtf this is shit.

This video refused to load after 3 refreshes. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to see what everyone was talking about. That was the most tense and exhilarating part of this clip.
Rodents of Unusual Size
such perfect realism
To be fair, she was born into a world you...may not understand.
FUCK you beat me to it.

pow pow bang bang ennui
If these were the action scenes, how boring were the dialog scenes?
every movie is like this now
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