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Desc:Video of an anime costume with cheerful music. What could be wrong with that?
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:Anime, mask, wig, WTF Japan, masking
Submitted:The Townleybomb
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Comment count is 11
A hard working salary man needs to have some time to relax you know.
52 years old

The Mothership
Voted up and 5'd without ever hitting play, gonna stay that way.

Also that went through the hopper in like 15 minutes.
I was reading the comments when I hit play and missed the first eye blink. Add in being slightly drunk and it was about 30 seconds in before I realized there was a person under there not just a flat chested mannequin.

Now I want to drink til I black out to forget this, but I'm afraid it will be waiting for me there
Jet Bin Fever
Even for a Japanese girl this is pretty flat chested.
"Video of an anime costume with cheerful music. What could be wrong with that?"

This description makes no sense. It would be like saying...

"A nuclear bomb killed everyone in a large city today. Thankfully no one died."
I'm pretty sure I didn't see his junk. Back me up, people.
White Trash Party
No but the hand is sure going for it at the end!

George Costanza's "I think it moved!" line comes to mind

Meanwhile In Russia brings the laughs. WTF Japan brings the chills.
Syd Midnight
In WTF Japan, horrible tragedy watches you.

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