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Desc:15 minutes of Worf being a Rodney Dangerfield punchline
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:star trek, no, Worf
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Comment count is 23
Needs more DS9. Way more womp womp.

He's fearless but that doesn't mean he can't be prudent.
"Stop making excuses! Replace the blindfold!"
Fear of a tall ridged planet.

Shutup, you stupid Klingon.
Oh, fuck you for reminding me of the Irish stereotype episode. Now I've got to start drinking again and not stop until the memory goes away.

I thought this was going to be an extended montage of Worf getting his ass kicked, in keeping with "The Worf Effect". This was much more amusing.
Born in the RSR
The best part of that episode was the really hot Space-Irish chick.

That man must want to murder every member of that ship, every moment of every day.
You can see his desire to set the self destruct rising with each reaction shot.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Just go sit in your corner, Worf. There's a good lad.
Jet Bin Fever
Worf isn't good at anything.
That's only because Worf has a LOT of opinions.
Just in case you nerds haven't seen this yet:


Some of them are really good.
Fur is Murder
'Worf refuses to enjoy the pleasure-planet Risa.'

Didn't they actually do this one?

Yeah they did. The episode was called "Let he who is Without Sin"

Don't look at me like that, leave me to my Ds9 shame.

That is a good link pretend I quoted all the funny ones.

Several of those describe real episodes

I spent a lot of time wondering: "if the enterprise is composed of the best of the best, why is Worf there?"

Warfs ideas are constantly being shot down by the other bridge officers. Also even though he is a Klingon warrior and head of security, he is always getting his ass handed to him in fights.
I think all the aliens/AIs in ST are there to make us feel better about being human -- they always have all sorts of talents and skills and powers, but it always turns out that humans are better.

Imagine if every time the Enterprise came upon a planet with a hostile energy creature, or some space racists, or an alien artifact that messes with the ship, they just nuked them from orbit right away, or transported it into a star. Worf's approach would have saved them endless time and spared them countless lectures from Picard. Not to mention that when a strange ship appears, raising your defenses is a basic and understandable action, not some wild overreaction. He's the last sane man on a ship of fools.

"I'm sorry, Worf, but the reality TV filmcrew says your idea is prudent and boring. We need to constantly run around like idiots, fight needlessly, and do stupid shit if this series is ever going to see the editing booth, much less a second season."
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