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Desc:Viral ad for a new company/service.
Tags:shaving, advertisement, viral advertising, dollar shave club, bleeding edge
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seems like a good idea. however shaving with a safety razor is even cheaper and so is shaving with a straight razor.
I'm not fucking with a straight razor a 4am before my coffee, no matter how many pennies it saves me.

I tried not to like this as soon as I realized that this was going to be one of those intentionally quirky viral ads. But I failed.
^^^ shave hobbyist

I saw this on Sharpologist
I submitted this about a week ago and had assumed it wasn't going to make it out of the hopper.

Now you chastise me for being late?! Ok, that's fair.

You misunderstand. I'm a member of the brotherhood of traditional wet shavers and we have an important question to ask you. Have you accepted traditional wet shaving into your life? Wait right here, I have a pamphlet I'd like you to read.

I didn't know you like to get wet.

I use this product, I will continue using this product until a cheaper solution presents itself, because as a blonde man, allowing myself to have a beard is simply not a possibility. Their attempts to garner my brand loyalty with little newsletters and endless samples are not annoying in the least, although they simply aren't working.
Also, this guy's nose is fake. I refuse to believe that is a real nose.

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